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Any questions on an item listed here? Please email us and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Or you can reach us at: 352-460-8042

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How to Consign with Us!...

We'll sell your designer handbags, shoes, jewelry or high end clothing items! We are an online store specializing in gently used, quality designer items at great prices. Vintage or unique items in good to excellent condition are also welcome.

Consigning with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3...!

  1. Email us or use our "Consignment form" (see here) with a listing, description and photos of the items you wish to sell.
  2. Wait for us to review your items, for pricing and details
  3. Sign our Consignment Agreement (download) and Mail your items to us!

Our consignment is based on a 50/50 split. We do NOT charge any item fees, or listing fees. So all you have to do is send us us your items and we take it from there!
We are very particular about the items we take. Please email us or use our "Consignment Form" to send us any pictures of the items you want to sell before mailing them in. Once we receive your items, we go thru them to determine possible pricing.

Once you sign our consignment agreement, we open an account for and provide you with a consignor ID.  Consignor checks/monies are mailed on the 15th of each month. Keep in mind that some items may sell within a few days of arriving while others may take a few weeks. Prices Are Set Based on the Label and Condition of Item.

Mail your items to:

WhateverETC Consignment
712 Summit Street, Unit A.
Eustis, Florida 32726

Some of the designer names we are
looking for are:

Donna Karan
Calvin Klein
Sak's Fith Avenue
Tommy Hilfigger
Ann Taylor
Michael Kors
Louis Vuitton
Bottega Veneta
Dolce & Gabbana
Jimmy Choo
Judith Leiber
Juicy Couture
Marc Jacobs
Whiting and Davis

Contract Terms & Conditions:

  1. All merchandise is sold on a 50/50 basis. 50% to merchant, 50% to consignee.

  2. Clothing and accessories received must be in excellent condition, stylish, clean and pressed. No wedding dresses, sneakers or furs.

  3. Items are kept 90 days from the date this contract is signed.

  4. Management reserves the right to hold special sales (take an extra 20-25% off sale), or Special Auctions & Incentives to Help Sell Your Items

  5. In the event that your item does not sell within the 90-day period, you will be offered three options:
    a) Items may be re-cycled for another term at reduced prices,
    b) Request items returned (at consignor's expense)
    c) Consignor forfeits items, where then they will become property of store or may be donated

  6. To check on the status of your account, you will need to know your account number. (which is provided to you when account is first opened)

  7. Payments are made every 15th of the month.

  8. The Whatever, ETC! Consignment Store will not be responsible for damage to items by customers, fire, smoke, water, theft or any other casualty or loss. We will take every precaution to prevent such damages. VALUABLE ITEMS SHOULD BE INSURED BY YOU.
    (download agreement - email or send by mail back to us)